Genetics: Multipurpose Himalayan Domesticate (“Landrace”)
Sourcing: The Rsc Northern Kumaon, Winter 2019
Purpose: Charas (hand-rubbed), seed, fibre
Latitude: 29° N
Harvest: late-September to early November
Height: 2 to 6 metres outdoors
Aroma: Floral, citrus, ‘hashy’



Characteristics: Vigourous, hardy, resinous inflorescences, long internodes, intermediate domestication, green and purple, CBD
Classification: C. sativa subsp. indica var. himalayensis x C. sativa subsp. indica var. indica
Grow type: Outdoors, greenhouse

This Kumaoni accession is a traditional multipurpose Himalayan domesticate. Unique to a district of northern Kumaon bordering Tibet, it’s cultivated for fibre, seed, and hand-rubbed charas. Kumaon was for several years a part of the Kingdom of Nepal and shares its Himalayan traditions, including cannabis culture.

Kumaoni domesticates are charming, rustic strains. Their charas is harder and coarser than the Parvati type but at its best is characterised by a luminous, expansive high and an even, long-lasting buzz. Plants will grow very tall given space and has the long internodes and loose, resinous buds of traditional Himalayan domesticates. Purple and light green colours are typical.

Hardy and accustomed to intense rain, cold, and humidity, this Kumaoni accession is well-suited to adaptation to northern climates. The majority of plants can be expected to exhibit moderate to high levels of CBD. Himalayan domesticates exist as part of crop–weed complexes, so some plants may exhibit wild-type characteristics.

Recommended to collectors seeking a rare and fully authentic Himalayan strain and to those who value Himalayan charas with a characterful uplifting high such as the Nepali resin familiar to some from the Hippy Trail era.