Lebanese Heirloom Strain


Region: Middle East
Strain: Lebanese
Genetics: Pure Lebanese Hashish Plant
Latitude: 34°N
Regional Harvest: early September to early October
Height: 0.5m – 1.5m
Aroma: Cedar, pine and fruit with spices and sweetness
Characteristics: Early maturing with compact growth, short internodes, and copious resin
Traditional Purpose: hashish production (sieved)
Grow Type: Outdoors, Greenhouse or Indoors (requires experience)

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Lebanon has a long tradition of producing fantastic hashish, and the region’s best cultivars are renowned for their flavour, resin production and power. Characteristic aromas are cedar and pine, with a sweet edge, and heavy aromas of fruit. Lebanese plants are very compact and mature early, around equinox. Deep red colouration can show towards the end of flowering.

Various phenotypes can be found: usually growing to one central stem, but sometimes round and bushy e.g. 90cm tall by 90cm wide. This particular Lebanese line has great credentials, originating in one of the most renowned mountain regions above Bekaa Valley, which is traditionally where the finest Lebanese hashish has always been produced. Lebanese cultivars are generally regarded as being good breeding plants, making excellent hybrids. The fastest maturing strain in The Rsc catalogue along with the Sinai this can be ready before the end of September outdoors.

Note: These seeds are from a reproduction outside Lebanon using open pollination, which involves as many males and females as possible. Plants with negative traits have been removed while maintaining the maximum possible biodiversity of the strain. This is now the second generation grown outside Lebanon and plants are performing excellently.